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Best Quality, Competitive Price, the RK Wooden Dance Floor
time:2018-05-03 editor:Robin

I would like to introduce our wooden dance floor to anyone who visit our website, which you can use in your home, hotel, on the stage, at weddings, dance studio, a show, or any other place you want to draw a piece area for dancing. If you are missing in so many different models, please read this article patiently.
The first model - Old Type Wooden Dance Floor, it’s also the first kind we make, the advantage of this model is that it’s cheaper compared to New Type Wooden Dance Floor, but for disadvantage, you may see some screw holes on its surface, that’s for the connecting between two panels.

RK dance floor
The second model - New Type Wooden Dance Floor, it’s a promotion comparing with last model, we change the connection way by interlocking, so you will not see any hole in the surface, it looks more great!
RK dance floor

For the above two models, colour in black/white and other dozens of wood grain is available.
RK dance floor
Especially, if you’d like to setup one special plan like regular hexagon shape, or round shape, we do suggest you the Old Type!
RK dance floor

Please feel free to contact me for more details!

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