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portable stage systems
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Portable stage system by RK
product details:
RK Portable stage system, because the structure is simple, easy to build, convenient transportation and storage, are widely popular. A completely portable stage system includes: steps, guard rails, skirts.We can customize the portable stage system acc
Not only the performance, the company's annual meeting, a variety of activities, the individual's wedding all need to have a stage. Portable stage with its own advantages, more and more favored by consumers.
RK Portable stage system, because the structure is simple, easy to build, convenient transportation and storage, are widely popular. And its super bearing capacity, fast demolition, arbitrary regulation height advantages, and is widely praised in the industry.
In RK, there are three main types of portable stage.
Beyond stage
Rk Beyond Stage is made of stage frame, pillar, connector, lock and base.. It is consist of 4 adjustable legs and 1pcs platform with easy install and take off. The telescopic legs is sturdy and the telescopic mechanism is tested. The beyond stage with adjustable leg, it can keep stage balance even in the potholes, suitable for any occasion for the show.
Product name Beyond Stage
Platform Size 1*1m,1*2m,1.22*1.22m,1.22*2.44m
Adjustable height 0.3-0.5m,0.4-0.6m,0.6-1m,0.7-1.2m,0.8-1.4m
Platform finish Carpet,Industrial material,Tuffcoat,plexiglass,bamboo plywood
Set up 1pcs of panel match 4 or 6 legs & 4 or 6 leg bases
Shape Square/triangle/quarter round/round
Load Capacity 1000 KG/SQ.M
Advantage Steady,lightweight,strong,porable,adjustable

Beyond stage
Aluminum stage
RK aluminum stage consist of aluminum frame and platforms, aluminum stage using high-quality aluminum alloy material processing, with superior corrosion resistance. Lighter than other traditional stage, more convenient to carry. The high strength plasticity of aluminum alloys can be used as a variety of styles to meet the needs of different venues.

Product name Aluminum stage
Platform Size 1*1m,1*2m,1.22*1.22m,1.22*2.44m
Stage riser 0.8m to 1.2m, the telescopic mechanism is tested
Platform finish Carpet & Industrial material & Tuffcoat & Plexiglas finished
Platform color Black,Dark gray,Dark gray,Red or customized
Set up 1pcs of panel match 4 legs & 4 leg bases
Stage accessories Stage brace,Adjustable Legs,Adjustable base
G.W 700-750KGS/SQ.M

Aluminum stage
Plexiglass stage
A complete RK pexiglass stage including stage platform, stage frame, stage brace and other accessories. Plexiglass stage panel is transparent, lights can be installed under the glass, so that the pexiglass stage has a more modern aesthetic, increase the activity atmosphere.
RK plexiglass stage system is the most versatile staging and strongest system in the market.

Product name Plexiglass stage
Platform Size 1. 22m*1. 22m/1. 22m*2. 44m
Adjustable height 0. 4m~2m
Platform finish Plexiglass
Platform components Plywood + Aluminum Frame
Platform thickness 18mm
G.W 700-750KGS/SQ.M
Advantage Good fireproofing,wear resistance,strong decorative
Plexiglass stage
A completely portable stage system includes: steps, guard rails, skirts and chair stops can be attached quickly to any configuration. Stages can be set up by one or two people within a few minutes. When not in use, store them on transportation trolleys or flight cases.
In RK, You only need to provide your stage size (length, width and height) and modeling requirements, or sketch to us. Our professional designers will according to your specific situation to you match the most satisfactory scheme, and 3D software is used to a figure to you to see the effect, you can reference discovered and solve the problem, so you have no worries, buy with confidence.

portable stage system
We will delivery as soon as possible according to your order. More detail can discuss with our sale team. We are waiting for your consult sincerely.
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