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Stage skirt
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Red stage skirt and step for aluminum stage
time:2015-09-29 editor:admin

Stage Skirt Specifications

1.High Quality promise
2.Multi stage series/ All kinds of stage accessory
3.Customized available
5.17-year experience

 Red stage skirt and step for aluminum stage


Product Description

Color: Black & gray &red  or customized is available.


Factory direct sale--competitive price under the assurance of quality 

Can be used in Events,performances,party,show,concert,outdoor activies,catwalk show etc.

Product Details

1. Color: red, black,gray

2. Height: 10-250cm(EU)

3.Width: 2m(EU)

Welcome to RK(Beyond Stage Systems):

For the stage series, we manufacture smart stage, beyond/decent stage, aluminum stage, Iron/steel folding stage, aluminum assembly stage,choral stage........

For the stage accessory, we manufacture steps, stairs, skirts, ramps, guardrail, chair stop,telescopic backdrop curtain......for all kinds of stage

RK has 17 years to experience in manufacturing performance equipment such stage, truss, dance floor,pipe and drape.

We promise every product you buy from RK of high quality, reasonable price, excelent aftersale service.

Here I just list out some products for your reference, more information, please feel free to contact me.

Model Smart Stage - EURO Skirts Beyond Stage/decent stage - EURO Skirts Beyond Stage/decent stage - EURO Skirts
Size  2M(W)X 10CM(H) 2M(W)X 25CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 25CM(H)
  2M(W)X 20CM(H) 2M(W)X 35CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 35CM(H)
  2M(W)X 30CM(H) 2M(W)X 45CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 45CM(H)
  2M(W)X 40CM(H) 2M(W)X 55CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 55CM(H)
  2M(W)X 50CM(H) 2M(W)X 65CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 65CM(H)
  2M(W)X 60CM(H) 2M(W)X 75CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 75CM(H)
  2M(W)X 70CM(H) 2M(W)X 85CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 85CM(H)
  2M(W)X 80CM(H) 2M(W)X 95CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 95CM(H)
  2M(W)X 90CM(H) 2M(W)X 105CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 105CM(H)
  2M(W)X 100CM(H) 2M(W)X 115CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 115CM(H)
  2M(W)X 110CM(H) 2M(W)X 125CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 125CM(H)
  2M(W)X 120CM(H) 2M(W)X 135CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 135CM(H)
  2M(W)X 130CM(H) 2M(W)X 145CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 145CM(H)
  2M(W)X 140CM(H) 2M(W)X 155CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 155CM(H)
  2M(W)X 150CM(H) 2M(W)X 165CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 165CM(H)
    2M(W)X 175CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 175CM(H)
    2M(W)X 185CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 185CM(H)
    2M(W)X 195CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 195CM(H)
    2M(W)X 205CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 205CM(H)
    2M(W)X 215CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 215CM(H)
    2M(W)X 225CM(H) 1.22M(W)X 225CM(H)
Matrial Velvet Velvet Velvet
Flame Resistant Yes Flame Resistant/non-flame Resistant Flame Resistant/non-flame Resistant
Customize yes yes yes
Fold design 1:1.5folding  1:1.5folding  1:1.5folding 



Stage Application Outdoor concert stage/Indoor concert stage/ Catwalk stage/

                       Trade show stage/Fashion show stage/ Swimming pool stage/

                      Stage for school/ Stage for hotel/ Wedding stage/ Event stage...etc


Step/stair & skirt for iron folding stage

stage skirt
stage skirt

-Stage skirt/guardrail for decent/beyond stage

stage skirt

stage skirt

Our Services

1: 3 year warranty, considering not damaged by the users.

2: Your emails will be answered within 24 hours on workdays

3: Experienced stuff will answer all your questions timely and correctly.

4: Support factory visit/ OEM/Coustom

5: We can help you reduce and avoid import taxes by declaring price lower.

Packaging & Shipping

Package: (carton/ flight case/costom for your choice)

Shipping:We offer many shipping options for our customers,we have good relationship with shipping company directly,such as APL,Cosco,CMA and so on.We can help you to save some shipping cost. By sea or by air depends on the order and your option.

Company Information
 Rack in the Cases Limited (RK) is the wholly-owned subsidiary of BlueGiant Group. RK is engaged in manufacturing and marketing professional stage systems and truss facilities. Currently, RK has three manufacturing bases in Taishan, Foshan, and Dongguan respectively with more than 1000 employees. With 10 years of experience in audio & staging business as well as continuously creative new production, RK' s products have been up to the international standards. The China sales headquarters of RK is located in the 2802 World Trade Plaza, Futian District, Shenzhen, China.

Why purchase from RK ?                                            


1. Business and Solutions

      RK’s main products include flight cases, portable stages, truss, pipe and drape, sports bleacher and related equipment. RK is not only a manufacturer, but also a professional provider who can offer customers all kinds of solutions. RK has provided advanced solutions for clients in over 100 countries and regions in performances, shows and exhibitions and other large-scale events.


2. Brand & Reputation

      As one of the largest companies in the industry, RK always adheres to build the brand “RK”, so as to ensure all customers can feel the quality and charm of RK anywhere.


3. Reliability

      Our leading design teams and strict quality control systems --- ensure excellent quality of products & met demands of all clients around the world.


4. Lowest Price & Fastest Delivery

      Our own factory and massive production line --- lower price & faster delivery than our competitors

        We are committed to providing the most affordable products for all customers.



Welcome to our factory!


Any questions please feel free to contact me!

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