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Good Choice for aluminum portable stage in Rack in the cases.

Time:1572082126 Editor:Mason

On the other hand, RK popular and ever-successful total adjustable stage legs really set this system apart, adjustable easy for everyone,these Legs can do just about anything!
Firstly, RK stage legs are telescopic, meaning you can select your wanted height from your leg’s range and fix that in to the very millimetre – and we have integrated a measurement system to ensure precision when adjusting your legs.
Secondly, for once your RK stage is assembled and in place, you can show around your system and calibrate the legs to meet perfectly with the ground you are on using aluminum portable stage, of which has 50 mm of adjustments available to you for on the spot tinkering, these adjustments are also locked off with a securing bolt.
The RK portable stage deck is built with strict standards, featuring a frame RK constructed of Aluminium alloy 6061-T6 and an 18 mm thickness industrial surface of Plywood Deck, with fully adjustable “Quick-Lock” handles that lock the RK Stage Legs into place.
The no slip -Staging Decks are capable of taking up to 750 KGS of loading persquare metre.
These Decks have RK  penetrations to the Stage surface, thus allowing for a flusher, far more professional finish to your staging.
RK aluminum stage