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The most detailed RK bases, drapes and our advantages
time:2018-08-07 editor:Robin
The function of the bottom plate is to fix the column. Its raw material is iron. Its surface is treated with black paint, a complete base section includes a base plate, a hexagon socket screw, and a connecting shaft.
RK pipe and drape  RK pipe and drape
The column and base plate are fixed with hexagon socket screws. When using, put the lowermost part of the column into the sleeve above the base plate.
RK pipe and drape  RK pipe and drape
Base plate shape: rectangle and square. Specific size: 450x450x5mm, 500x500x5mm, 600x600x5mm, model in 10mm is available
RK pipe and drape  RK pipe and drape
The use of 3 holes on the base: The side hole is used when the curtain frame system needs to be installed near the wall; The corner hole is used when the curtain frame system needs to be installed in a corner.
RK pipe and drape
The diameter of the connecting shaft of the 2-section tube and the 3-section tube is different.
RK pipe and drape
There are usually two types of curtains: flannel and crepe.
Flannel: Generally used in exhibitions, conferences, backgrounds, ceremonies, commonly used colors are black, red, blue, with light and opaque.
RK pipe and drape
Crepe: Generally used in weddings, the commonly used color is white.
RK pipe and drape
There is a pocket hole at the top of the drape, which can be directly placed on the horizontal tube when in use.
RK pipe and drape
Removable telescopic device (bowl), this feature is the difference between RK and other company products in terms of technical characteristics. Exclusively dedicated. If the customer has problems with the bowl or tube during use, only need to replace the bowl or tube separately, and do not need to replace the whole set, saving costs;
RK pipe and drape
With regular size, it can also be designed according to different site requirements of customers, and it is more flexible in terms of size and specifications to meet various needs of customers;
OEM/ODM is acceptable and cost few.
In addition, the packaging method also has portable cloth bags, flight case and carts to meet the different needs of customers.

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