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Popular Wedding Event Adjustable Pipe And Drape
time:2018-07-06 editor:Vicky

The most popular pipe and drape backdrop height! Our 8 foot tall kits are perfect for room dividers, photo shoots, displays, or any event where you need quality pipe and drape that is quick to set up and take down. Plus, these pipe and drape packages are portable, so they can go with you from venue to venue! 

Choose from our Fixed height uprights, or our 2-piece Break Apart uprights (a great choice if you regularly transport your kit and do not have a large vehicle). For either upright style, the Slip-Fit system is a real time saver. The uprights simply go on top of a solid steel base pin (included with each base).
RK pipe and drape

Your drapes will have a rod pocket sewn into the top and bottom of the panel to easily gather onto the drape on the support rod. A hook at each end of the support rod goes into one of the four slots at the top of each upright. That's all there is to it! Setting up a gorgeous backdrop takes only a few minutes. 
RK pipe and drape

Pipe and drape Applications
* Trade Show - establishing a trade show booth system.
* Places of worship -  ceremonies and performances.
* Colleges and schools -For sporting events, class reunions, and a variety of school related functions. 
* Wedding halls - Backdrops behind the head table, and often the surrounding walls as well.
* Businesses - Hide construction on their premises, or to re-enforce corporate colors wherever they go.
* Photographers - Background of photo shoots, or to make a portable photo booth enclosure.
* Hospitals - Create private dressing rooms for patients waiting to go to their room.

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