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High Quality Portable Stage For Sale
time:2018-05-03 editor:Vicky

Portable stage is always pursued by many event planners because of its lots of advantages. As for RK high quality cheap used portable stage is one hot sale kind, so what are the advantages of it?
Easy-assembling stage and stair legs
The beyond stage has four legs, how to make assemble more easily?We just need insert the stage legs into the corner, then press the button tightly.Generally, one person can assemble one leg in seconds. That’s why our beyond stage can assemble so quickly.
RK decent stage

Larger adjustable height range
Another obvious of beyond stage is its larger adjustable height range. Many stage can only adjust height within 50cm, but our beyond stage can even adjust from 1m-1.8m. It is really wide range. When it can adjust so high even to 2m, we might worry about its capacity and stability. Our engineer also solve those problems and test for that. Even for one platform, it can hold three or more people jumping on it. What’s more, we will have leg connectors to make it more stable.

RK decent stage
We would prefer large stage platform, on one hand is it would be more economical, on the other hand, it will surely save time when we set up the project. Moreover, our beyond stage is easy to assemble legs. It is no wonder time saving stage.
High quality cheap used RK portable stage, beyond your imagination.

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