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Aluminum Portable Pipe and Drape Backdrop System
time:2018-01-08 editor:Vicky

Almost each girl will dream of their wedding ceremony before they get married. When the holy romantic moment is coming near, how to decorate the wedding spot turns out to be essential and exciting.
Obviously, aluminum portable pipe and drape backdrop system
must be the best choice, RK company also be recognized as one of the wedding pipe and drape specialists.

RK pipe and drape

Pipe and drape are composed by base plate, upright, crossbar and drape. The base plate is heavy so that it can assure the stability of whole system. Normally, the regular base plate has three holes. Sometimes, in order to carry conveniently, we can use handle slot on the base plate.
As for upright, it has lots of optional sizes. Moreover, it is adjustable uprights with slip-lock collar. The shortest upright adjustable range is 3' - 5',with two-piece pipe & 4" pin & scrow. The longest one even reaches 9’-23’, three piece & 6" pin & scrow. In a word, no matter what height clients need, we can provide all reasonable sizes for their reference.
The crossbar is the most changeable component of pipe and drape kits, because it has many different designs. For instance, round crossbar, square design, roof tent and cage shape. Those designs all need their unique crossbar to assemble.

Pipe and drape backdrop system is marvelous, durable and portable, why not purchase it to decorate your romantic wedding?  

RK pipe and drape

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