Some matters needing attention of building plexiglass stage

Time:Wed,01,2016 Editor:admin
Modern stage of all kinds, moible stage, aluminum assembly stage, folding stage and so on, but is widely used at present stage is plexiglass stages, now many large activities will use stage, because it can increase performance, but there are a lot of attention when building stage, let manufacturers tell everyone some matters shoulf attention when build moible plexiglass stage.
plexiglass stage
One, the plexiglass stage must be placed on the formation of the ground above the level.
Two, we must pay attention to build splexiglass stage, should take put down gently.
Three, the plexiglass stage must be fixed position, fixed firmly.
Above a few points is to set up the plexiglass stage of attention, the plexiglass stage there are a lot of props, we must be careful when putting props.